peppermind is a diverse and inclusive eco-system. We foster life long learning and believe that everyone can make a difference in life.

We are seasoned consultants, coaches, and facilitators, with a blend of complementary expertise, who all want to have a positive impact on the world of work. We are multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-national and we work across borders.

Our common values are trust, transparency, growth mindset, empowerment, sharing, and inter-connectedness.

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Dr Evelyn Miller


Peppermind te ayuda a ti y a tus equipos a centrarse en el impacto. Proporcionamos métodos sistémicos aplicables para la vida diaria. Crear juntos una comunicación orientada a la solución. Reconocer los patrones subyacentes del equipo. Explorar la dinámica de las interacciones son mis enfoques favoritos. Lo que permite a su gente contribuir con soluciones creativas incluso en tiempos de cambio.


Valérie Van den Bossche


peppermind’s programs raise my clients' awareness of the underlying issues of change through an experiential, honest and non-judgmental view of imaginary and lived challenges. It then urges them to take more conscious, purpose-led actions as a group'.


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