peppermind is a diverse and inclusive eco-system. We foster life long learning and believe that everyone can make a difference in life.

We are seasoned consultants, coaches, and facilitators, with a blend of complementary expertise, who all want to have a positive impact on the world of work. We are multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-national and we work across borders.

Our common values are trust, transparency, growth mindset, empowerment, sharing, and inter-connectedness.

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Birgitta Olofson

Step Education

The international collaboration in the Network is a precious possibility. Creating true business value with heart and brain in balance is thriving – both for my own business and for my customers.


Gopal RajGuru

Innovate & Grow

The peppermind programs supported our employees to develop constructive and creative solutions for challenging situations in our team. Together we created a trustful and solution-oriented communication. With the help of the peppermind network, I will from now on be able to support our customers to create similar value for them.


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