Do you wish to join our quest to support the transformation of people and organizations towards a more sustainable, collaborative and impactful way of working?

You are a professional coach, facilitator, consultant and you would like to combine the human, value-creation and performance dimensions of transformation in your work.

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be part of an eco-system where greytogreen learning programs, Celemi business simulations, your and peppermind’s broad experience are combined into powerful solutions for your clients

Blend the human, value-creation and performance dimensions in your work with your customers.

Take part in transformation projects, where people grow their individual and their organization’s potential on a large scale.

Belong to an international, multi-diverse eco-system with shared values and a common purpose.

Collaborate, share knowledge & experience, complement and strengthen each other and your respective customers.

Walk the talk, ask, give and receive support and be an example to the people you work with.

Grow one another’s courage to stand for our values and purpose in our work with customers.

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