who we are

peppermind is a diverse and inclusive eco-system. We foster life long learning and believe that everyone can make a difference in life.

At the center of our eco-system we provide and support services for our seasoned consultants, whereas seasoned consultants, coaches and facilitators with a blend of complementary expertise provide solutions to organisations and to their people.  We are multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-national and we work across borders.

We share a common purpose: the transformation of people and organizations towards a more sustainable, collaborative and impactful way of working.

what we do

peppermind provides and maintains the eco-system with strategic, practical and scalable learning solutions that strengthen business acumen, self-leadership and collaboration.

peppermind Solution Partners, in turn, offer a wealth of expertise, ranging from strategy advice to execution, from executive coaching to team coaching, from business simulations to impactful workshops, from small team interventions to supporting entire transformation programs.

peppermind’s impact is a better quality of life at work, increased quality of work and higher productivity

We blend the human, value-creation and performance dimensions of a business and we have impact on both the personal and organizational level.

We do this with practical, experience-based and scalable learning programs.

Our learning programs work across industries and cultures.


Our pillar for personal and team development is greytogreen®, an easy-to-learn and simple-to-apply method for leaders and teams. It enables people to act more consciously in everyday life at work and beyond. They achieve this by making sense of their inner world, of how they interact with what happens around them, of why this is so and they learn how to change it.

greytogreen consists of two one-day workshops, embedded into what you and your team wish to reach.

CHOICES & RESULTS is about learning and practicing together how to handle challenging situations more effectively. Download a flyer.

PURE MOTIVATION focuses on the more strategic side of personal development, better unfolding individual potential. Download a flyer.

Do you wish to learn more? Go to www.greytogreen.com


With Celemi business simulations and learning journeys, people make sense of their external world. They learn the whys and hows of their company and their company’s customers, on strategic and operational levels.

The insights gives people the possibility to actively and knowingly take part in the goings-on of their company,

Business acumen, strategic alignment, leadership development, project success, innovation & change-management, customer understanding, talent management are some of the aspects covered.

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greytogreen and Celemi learning programs have a mutually reinforcing impact on performance, combining smooth human interaction with good business insight.

peppermind Solution Partners use these powerful learning programs as part of the solutions that are tailored to your needs.

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We support the transformation of people and organizations towards a more sustainable and collaborative way of working.

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